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Lead Funding has great interest rates but a good rate is only the start of making money on your real estate purchase. Lead Funding will save you time, headaches and money with our value-added benefits.

Because our loan approval process is entirely in-house we’re really fast. No one beats us, and few can even match us.

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During the loan application process, even if you don’t end up doing a loan with us, you’ll learn a lot about your property by working with our experts and the tools we use to evaluate a property. In fact, on occasion we’ve been able to point out problems with a client’s desired property that has saved them from a losing purchase.

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We don’t disappear after your loan is approved. Got a problem with anything from permitting, to construction issues, to selling your property? Contact us. We’ve been on every side of the real estate business. We have solutions!

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Most lenders require a 10% to 20% down payment and will only fund a portion of your desired property. Not us. We do not have a minimum down payment contribution requirement. If the numbers are there to support the deal, we’re in 100%!

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We’re not just in the flip business. Have a new construction project? If the numbers are right, we’re in!

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With other lenders you might get your loan but then they’ll either be slow in providing the critical PoF document or charge you for it. Not us, we understand days matter, hours matter. With us it’s immediate and it’s free.

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Think you’re overpaying for supplies? Check with us and we’ll see if we can get you a better price. And when you’re ready to sell don’t overpay a Realtor! Contact us for our Discount Brokerage rates.

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Ugh. We’ve been there. An entire project held up by one sub! Contact us, we’ve worked with a lot of them and have a large reliable network. We love helping, and of course, no charge!

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