If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Right

Adding a ceiling fan is a nice detail that wont break the bank but it’s important to get the right size for the space and the optimal hanging distance from the ceiling. The addition of a fan(s) might not be the overall deciding factor on the sale, but if the fan does not perform well, it will be a turn-off to a potential buyer. Though personal preference in style plays a role, Houzz recommends you check out these tips from the American Lighting Association when choosing a fan.

For fan size:

  • Rooms up to 75 square feet: 36 inches wide or smaller
  • Rooms up to 144 square feet: 36 to 42 inches wide
  • Rooms about 225 square feet: 50 to 54 inches wide
  • Rooms larger than 225 square feet: an oversize fan or multiple ceiling fans

For ceiling clearance:

  • Ceiling fans for low ceilings. For ceilings less than 8 feet tall, choose a hugger or flush-mount ceiling fan. These fans mount next to the ceiling and help maintain the recommended minimum 7-foot clearance between ceiling and floor.
  • Ceiling fans for standard-height ceilings. If the ceiling in your room is about 8 to 9 feet tall, you can most likely use the standard 3- to 5-inch long downrod, the pipe that connects the ceiling fan to the ceiling mounting and that comes with the fan.
  • Ceiling fans for high ceilings. In high-ceiling rooms, longer downrods can bring the fan closer to the optimum hanging height. These extended rods sometimes come with the fan itself or are sold in kits. Lengths range from several inches to several feet. As the downrod gets toward the longer end of the spectrum, the potential for the ceiling fan to wobble increases. In the case of extra-high ceilings, you might choose to have multiple ceiling fans or to go with a larger fan.
  • Ceiling fans for vaulted ceilings. Most ceiling fans can hang from sloped or vaulted ceilings that are less than 21 degrees, Mokhtarei says. Attachment kits can be bought for fans hanging on slopes that are steeper.

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